Future Sci-Fi Tales 02

Tales from the future! Read four exciting short science fiction stories featuring a Clint Darius adventure, alien insects, pesky rodents from Trappist 4, Dhampires and Automations!

Stories written by Jason Aaron Wong, Petri Hännien, Drew D. Lenhart & LJ Phillips. Fantastic and astounding illustrations by Francisco Paronzini, Andrea Meneghin & LJ Phillips.

Features: Clint Darius: Homecoming, The Death of a Family, Crizen’s Journey, Clockwork Blues.

Released: April 4, 2019.

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Future Sci-Fi Tales 01

Tales from the future! Read six exciting short science fiction stories featuring pesky rodents from another planet, robots, slow droids, a tale of revenge and more. Features four short stories in black and white drawn comic format, illustrated by Louie Escauriaga and Lee Milewski as well as two short stories written by Drew D. Lenhart.

Written By: Drew D. Lenhart
Illustrations by: Louie Escauriaga and Lee Milewski

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Future Sci-Fi Tales Prev

Special preview issue. Preview first short story of a new sci-fi anthology series coming winter 2018. The issue features short story, Crizens!

Written By: Drew D. Lenhart
Pencils/Inks By: Louie Escauriaga


Accepting Submissions for Future Sci-Fi Tales #4 & 5 - as of April 06, 2019

Hey! I am seeking submissions for the fourth and fifth issue of Future Sci-Fi Tales! I am looking for short sci-fi comic stories. If you haven't picked up the other issues, please take a look at the links below for reference.

Take a look:
Future Sci-Fi Tales #1

Print: http://www.indyplanet.us/future-sci-fi-tales-1/
Comixology: http://bit.ly/2BHnELM
Future Sci-Fi Tales #2
Print: http://www.indyplanet.us/future-sci-fi-tales-02/

This is a NON-paying gig. Sorry!! If you are an artist or writer trying to make a break, this will be a great book to get your work published! The little funding I do have allocated for this project will go into commissioning an artist for the cover artwork.

I am looking to fill 3 - 4 short stories per issue.

1. 4 - 10 pages of completed art - inked/lettered.
2. Pages must be black and white.
3. Pages must be submitted 300 dpi & formatted to Ka-Blam’s template: Ka-Blam Template.
4. Stories must be Science Fiction & set in the future ( like the title says ).
5. I will accept sci-fi horror as long as it’s set in the future.

This book will be listed in comiXology, comiXcentral & IndyPlanet. Any profit made from the book will be rolled into the development of the next issue.

In order to be fair to all creators, the print edition of the book will be listed on IndyPlanet $1.00 less that the cover listing ( e.g. for issue #1, the cover price is $5.99, but listed at $4.99 ). This is the best way I can think of to be fair to all submitters and also gives an option to purchase copies at a discount from IndyPlanet ( 25% discount if you order 5 or more ). This way it gives you a way to purchase copies cheaper for your comic shows, online store, or whatever reason.

This next section is entirely optional to all creative teams! I would also like to open the option for each submitting creative team to create their own variant cover. Take a look at the link above to Issue #1 and see the lower half page artwork. It will be about that size & I will give out cover size requirements later on.

I will list the variant cover editions on IndyPlanet.

I reserve the right to deny any submissions. If I receive more submissions than I need, I will roll into issue #6. So please have your creative teams lined up for your submission if it is not already completed!! Also, each creator will be expected to sign an agreement for this project and pretty much entails whats explained here.

Proposal Deadline: June 15th, 2019

I need all proposals, art samples, script samples in by this date. If your submission is an idea with a creative team ready to work, I would like to see sample art & a page of the script.

If you already have your artwork done, that is awesome, send me a page so I can judge it!

Final deadline will be August 1st 2019 for the creative teams to have ALL work completed and submitted. If all submissions are recieved early, I'll print earlier!

Please send proposals/artwork/script sample to: snowyworks2018@gmail.com


Drew D. Lenhart

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